The Smart Working starts from the office

The project for the new fit-out of the Via dell’Innovazione headquarters is part of a broader change management project. The redesign of the spaces represents an essential boost to the change of organizational mind, culture and paradigms. To introduce Smart Working also in the office, we conducted both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the current use of spaces and involved about 40 out of 140 people in training, focus groups, interviews and surveys, generating a process of real co-design. 

This process led to the introduction of a desk sharing policy and the creation of a new work environment designed for different working activities, meeting, discussion, relaxation, and concentration. These changes resulted in a reduction of 20% of the previous square meters.

To find the suitable “concept” for the interior design project, it was made a study starting from the roots of the company. Gigantic Japanese landscapes prints were brought to light, and references to nature were declined according to the function of space in the new workspace.

Panasonic is the best example of how a new “work environment”, resulting from a shared and gradual journey, can facilitate a change management project and generate new spaces that people appreciate.