To define a plan of action, we start by listening to people and analysing their activities

Our methodology

To define a strategic action plan of both Smart Working and Workspace design, we start by listening to people and analyzing their activities.

This allows us to evaluate the organization’s starting point and accompany the company in the path of change. Our methodology is based on an analytical approach and includes the active involvement of people through focus groups, co-design, and training sessions.


Through surveys and meetings, we evaluate the organisation’s starting point and collect information on work activities, office spaces, and the level of digitisation.


We organise listening moments and focus groups to create a sense of participation in the decision-making process and make the change within the company effective and successful.


We share the results with top management and suggest different possibilities of a Smart Working organisation, assessing the structure and spaces’ impact to define the Hybrid Model.


We apply the plan and the policy of Smart Working and redesign the Workspaces, promoting training and communication within the organisation.