Companies we worked for

NextEnergy Group

Workitect had the privilege of working alongside NextEnergy, a company known for its dedication to innovation and the use of sustainable energy. The project focuses on promoting the ecological approach by using recycled and recyclable materials and furniture.

Milan, Italy – 2023

Vivienne Westwood

In 2023, one of the world’s most iconic fashion brands underwent a workspace transformation in collaboration with Workitect. The objective was to establish a work environment designed to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and enhance employee well-being.

Milan, Italy – 2023

Maurizio Baldassari

Italian top fashion comes to life in the offices of Maurizio Baldassari in Brera, Milan. However, their passion for excellence extends beyond the realm of apparel. Through a spatial transformation project with Workitect, the environment has been redefined, engaging employees in a harmonious space which unites style and functionality.

Milan, Italy – 2023

Superstudio Events

Superstudio Events seamlessly blends style and functionality in its innovative spaces, purposefully crafted to stimulate creativity and optimize efficiency. Going beyond mere event hosting, we transformed the space into realms of inspiration and excellence.

Milan, Italy – 2023

Givaudan Lab

Workitect has been assigned to revolutionize the Givaudan Lab space, transforming it into a place that combines its institutional character with functionality. The project involved a complete restructuring, redesigning every detail of the laboratory spaces and furnishings.

Milan, Italy – 2022


Harpaceas, a company that has been developing widely used BIM (Building Information Modeling) and calculation software globally since 1990 throughout the construction industry, has inaugurated its new offices in Milan: smart, paperless, and oriented towards sustainability.

Milan, Italy – 2022

Save The Children

Aware of the ongoing change process, Save The Children has chosen to embark on an organizational transformation, where our team managed to introduce a desk-sharing system and, through interior design, optimizing the workspace, adapting them to the various types of activities carried out by people.

Rome, Italy – 2022

UCB Pharma

Contrary to market trends, UCB Pharma increased its workforce by 30% during the pandemic. Consequently, the immediate need was to reconsider the office spaces, without reducing them, making the offices more appealing and tailored to activity work based approach.

Milan, Italy – 2021

Epta Group

The new Milan office of Epta group embraces the Activity-Based-Working model, strategically dividing work activities into four key categories—concentration, collaboration, contemplation, and communication. This design encourages fluid movement, fosters interaction, and facilitates the exchange of ideas among employees.

Milan, Italy – 2021


The Bonduelle project’s goal was to design a modern office that guarantees flexibility and facilitates collaboration in an environment that reflects its mood and values.

San Paolo d’Argon (BG), Italy – 2020


The change management journey has focused on the redesign of spaces as a lever to initiate a mindset shift, transfer corporate culture. The concept was created from the roots of the company, bringing to light landscapes and style of Japan through furniture pieces and full-height prints.

Milan, Italy – 2019

Thales Alenia Space

For the Italo-French aerospace leader, we have crafted open spaces characterized by elegant and understated environments, incorporating natural materials and plants to elevate the well-being of the employees, fostering a deeper connection with their work environment.

Rome, Italy - 2019

Juul Labs

Minimal elegance, cutting-edge technology, and premium materials define the distinctive features of the company that has revolutionized the electronic cigarette market. These characteristics have inspired the design of its Milanese headquarters.

Milan, Italy – 2019

Gellify HQ

Innovation is the reason Gellify exists, a space where startups collaborate with major corporates. The project for its new headquarters fused the industrial style of the building, with contrasting bright colours, lights and impactful graphics.

Casalecchio di Reno (BO), Italy – 2019

Gellify HUB

The future is now for Bologna. In Phygital Hub, a permanent innovation workshop, physical and digital space merge giving space for human-machine interaction.

Casalecchio di Reno (BO), Italy – 2019


The company restaurant of the American cosmetics giant was designed in partnership with Sodexo Italy. The concept reflects the mission of the company: women empowerment.

Turate (CO), Italy – 2018


The Italian offices of the Dutch multinational provider of chemicals are a perfect balance between elegance and simplicity. To top it all off, the contemporary artworks of the private collection of the company.

Origgio (VA), Italy – 2017

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