Companies we worked for

Epta Group

Following the introduction of the Smart Working Plan, Epta decided to boost its change management journey which has started in 2019 and opted for a new office layout of the Milan headquarter.

Milan – 2021


The Bonduelle project’s goal was to design a modern office that guarantees flexibility and facilitates collaboration in an environment that reflects its mood and values.

San Paolo d’Argon (BG) – 2020


The change management process in Panasonic has focused on redesigning spaces as a leverage to start a more profound change. It includes a new organizational mind, the spread of corporate culture and a change in organizational paradigms supporting engagement.

Milan – 2019

Thales Alenia Space

For this French-Italian company leader in the aerospace field, we designed refined but simple open spaces, using natural materials and plants to enhance the well-being of the employees.

Rome – 2019

Juul Labs

Elegance, minimalism, technology and sought-after materials are the distinctive features of this company, which revolutionized the e-cigarette market. And e-cigarettes were precisely what inspired the design of the Milanese offices of the company.

Milan – 2019

Gellify HQ

Innovation is the reason Gellify exists, a space where startups collaborate with major corporates. The project for its new headquarters fused the industrial style of the building, with contrasting bright colours, lights and impactful graphics.

Casalecchio di Reno (BO) – 2019

Gellify HUB

The future is now for Bologna. In Phygital Hub, a permanent innovation workshop, physical and digital space merge giving space for human-machine interaction.

Casalecchio di Reno (BO) – 2019


The company restaurant of the American cosmetics giant was designed in partnership with Sodexo Italy. The concept reflects the mission of the company: women empowerment.

Turate (CO) – 2018


The Italian offices of the Dutch multinational provider of chemicals are a perfect balance between elegance and simplicity. To top it all off, the contemporary artworks of the private collection of the company.

Origgio (VA) – 2017

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