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Who we are

Workitect was born in 2017 from the idea of Simone Casella, architect and designer who specialised in office design, and Luca Brusamolino, HR consultant and expert in the relationship between people and workspaces.

Together they have created an innovative and dynamic company, which operates internationally and has been chosen by leading companies such as Panasonic, Bonduelle, Gellify, Thales Alenia, Sodexo, and Telethon Foundation.

Today the company consists of a multidisciplinary team that includes architects, HR, designers, psychologists, consultants, engineers, and trainers.

Our mission is to accompany companies towards new ways of working and creating comfortable and functional offices designed to facilitate activities in the office and remotely.


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We are a group of architects, HR, designers, psychologists, consultants, engineers, and trainers.

Our methodology

Our methodology includes a listening phase and the analysis of employees’ activities and organisational needs.

Based on the collected data and business needs, we develop Hybrid work plans and create new office layouts.


Through surveys and meetings, we evaluate the organisation’s starting point and collect information on work activities, office spaces, and the level of digitisation.


We organise listening moments and focus groups to create a sense of participation in the decision-making process and make the change within the company effective and successful.


We share the results with top management and suggest different possibilities of a Smart Working organisation, assessing the structure and spaces’ impact to define the Hybrid Model.


We apply the plan and the policy of Smart Working and redesign the Workspaces, promoting training and communication within the organisation.

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